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Freedom As An Accelerant

From the small Tunisian city of Sidi Bouzid the Arab Revolution has been carried by the youth of each country using what is most familiar to them, their cell phones!  Read how the Revolution began at:


Today, Egypt‘s Military is calling for an end to the rioting. ElBaradei set a deadline for Mubarak to step down by Friday, while Mubarak promised only “not to run again”.

Yemen is quietly following suite.  *King Abdullah II of Jordan has dismissed his government and appointed a new prime minister with orders to carry out political reform.  Now there are stirrings of revolution in Syria.

Last week there was much speculation in the media about which Arab countries would be next in line to overthrow their strong armed leaders.  Even Saudi Arabia was mentioned, but I hear nothing about it this week. I wonder why?

Last night on “The Colbert Report“, there was a segment with Sean Hannity‘s statement that uprisings do not result in democracy. Other than Iraq he (Hannity) couldn’t think of any good that had come of uprisings (like Egypt‘s and Tunisia’s).

Colbert could think of some, however: Czech Republic, India, France, Poland, East Germany, and The United States. Of course, I think of The Philippines and their Prayerful Revolution which was dramatically successful. Indonesia did pretty well too as it broke away from its’  Suharto days of “Guided Democracy“.

I’m pretty shocked at Sean Hannity‘s statement. I had respected him for being pretty well-informed, though biased toward Conservatives. Now, I’m re-thinking him as just biased and informed about his own limited agenda. This is sad because he carries a lot of influence with many conservative people.

For more about King Abdullah’s actions in Jordan, please read:


Meanwhile, American officials are being careful not to come down too hard on Mubarak. I’m beginning to understand why. One reason is “Face saving”.  The second, according to our lights, he has kept the Middle East relatively stable while guarding the peace with Israel.

It seems we are not involving ourselves in the Arab Revolution which is a wise thing! The people of the Middle East are doing just fine on their own!