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Historic Islamic Art Museum “Completely Destroyed”

Egypt’s treasures destroyed

Egyptian Streets

Egypt’s Minister of Antiquities has announced that Cairo’s Islamic Art Museum has been “completely destroyed,” in a moment of anger and frustration.

The Minister’s statements came after a car bomb exploded outside the Museum and the Security Directorate, killing five and injuring more than 80. The explosion was one of three in Cairo today, with one killed at a Metro Station in Dokki.

While the extent of the damage is not yet clear, the Minister was earlier quoted as saying the damage is in the “tens of millions of dollars,” but vowed to restore the Museum and any antiquities that remain.

The Islamic Art Museum in Cairo houses one of the most extensive and important collections of Islamic art in the world. The Museum displays priceless Islamic art work from all periods of Islamic history, including one of the rarest copies of the Quran.

Until 2010, the Museum had been closed for…

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Bomb in Jerusalem: Reconciliation in the Midst of Fear (via Mae Elise Cannon)

Mae Elise Cannon is right where i would love to be right now! Her perspective is one you will find nowhere else!

This past week there was a bomb that exploded near a bus station in Jerusalem. It killed one woman, a British international who was involved in Bible translation and Christian work, and more than 30 others were injured (some critically). This horrifying event has once again provoked a deeply seeded fear that exists within the Israeli community. It has been four years since this type of incident occurred harming innocent Israeli civilians. Initial … Read More

via Mae Elise Cannon

A Little Boy’s Fears

Grey Nurse Shark

Image by richard ling via Flickr

When the kids told our four year old grandson that his favorite neighbor, Lu, had died, his first question was, “How did she die?”.

His parents answered truthfully that they really didn’t know.

So, our grandson speculated, revealing perhaps, the fears in his little heart.

“Maybe a plane bonked her on the plane road”,  “Maybe a shark ate her”  or “Maybe a mean guy got into a fight with her”.

I don’t know how they answered him, but I wonder how this little child, who has been sheltered from TV, all forms of violence, all but a few select playmates, how does he know about airplanes that bomb, and mean men who get into houses?

When he comes to the beach this summer, I’ll understand why he’s so afraid to get near the ocean. He was delighted the other day when we took him to a sandy beach far from the water, “Yayyyy, a running beach!”

Somehow, he’s already picked up a fear of sharks and only plays in swimming pools.

As for airplanes that bomb, and mean men that enter houses, well, he’s not alone in that fear.

I’m thankful that our grandsons live far from a war zone, unlike many other little children who live where airplanes bomb and mean men do enter their homes and hurt their families.

I imagine little boys and girls all over the world have those fears, but they are very real ones from life experience.