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Stop Killing Terrorists

Brother Andrew’s Prophetic Plea: Stop Murdering Terrorists | Christianity Today.

The Silent Exodus of Syria’s Christians

Stephen Sizer

via Stephen Sizer: The Silent Exodus of Syria’s Christians.

The solution to gun violence is clear ?

Washington, D.C. firefighter

This morning firefighters responded to a fire in Webster, NY.  Two of them were shot dead before they could begin fighting the fire. Two others were wounded. The shooter has not been found. The fire continues.

Still, according to Fareed Zakaria* our country has 5 % of the world’s population and 50% of the world’s guns which we fail to regulate regardless of mass shootings in malls, churches and schools. Young mentally ill boys have killed our nation’s children. Now, someone has attacked our firefighters, a group our nation highly honors.

Most Americans center on three or four reasons for the violence in our country:

Wayne LaPierre, CEO of the National Rifle Association, blames it on the “Little Monsters”, young men who play violent video games and watch too much violence on tv and in movies. He says we need armed officers in every school.

President Obama and most media pundits are speaking out about a need to regulate access to certain types of automatic guns and their ammunition.

Others are calling for better mental health care screening.

I wrote about the serious effect of divorce on our children.

What will break through the bottleneck in congress which will help them pass needed legislation without violating our rights? What is it about a person’s gun that makes this legislation different than seat belt legislation, or helmet legislation for motor cycles, use of cell phones while driving?

*Fareed Zakaria writes his opinions framing them from a world perspective in the following article.  This quote below will give you the gist of his thinking.

“The Japanese are at the cutting edge of the world of video games. Yet their gun homicide rate is close to zero! Why?”

via Fareed Zakaria: The solution to gun violence is clear – The Washington Post.

Newtown tragedy could put mental health in spotlight

Newtown tragedy could put mental health in spotlight.

Screaming for Help

Mental Illness Rally

Mental Illness Rally (Photo credit: PilotGirl)

I’m sharing this blog post which a friend sent me tonight. It helps give perspective on the Connecticut tragedy.

We know very little about all that occurred before Adam Lanza went on his killing spree. This mother’s post points out dangerous gaps in our American mental health system, and makes a clear case for immediate action.

Sadly, I’ve only heard talk from pundits about the need for stricter gun laws which won’t address this problem at all. I hope this brave mom and others like her will find an effective advocate.

The Anarchist Soccer Mom: Thinking the Unthinkable

Why Don’t I Write About Syria?

So many headlines about the rioting and killing in Homs, Syria. Yet, not a “peep” from me here on a blog where I often write about Muslim issues. Why?

English: President Bashar al-Assad of Syria . ...

President Bashar al-Assad

The answer is a simple one. I have conflicting information about the situation in Syria and can’t verify any of it. This is what I know.

Of course, we’ve all heard these terrible reports coming out of Syria, from Al-Jazeera, Al-Arabia, and Western News sources. Western journalists have been killed, claims have been made against President Assad‘s regime blaming him for thousands of deaths.

Yet, a Muslim friend tells me her sources in Syria are claiming it is a “grand conspiracy” to try to bring Assad down. Christians in Syria are still positive towards Assad because of the freedom his regime has afforded them.

President Assad, a mild-mannered Ophthalmologist claims innocence and ignorance of all that is going on in his country. So what is the truth? Is he lying, or so incompetent that he doesn’t know what his military is doing? Who is really killing all these people?

It’s a question that Western Journalists aren’t able to answer very accurately at this point because few if any are on the ground in Homs. The Red Cross has been trying to enter as well.

Certainly, someone is killing thousands of Syrians.

If it is an Arab Revolution, it’s not clear to everyone who the rebels are or what they want.



Kill Your Enemy or At Least, Hate Him

Banksy @ old street -London 2008

Banksy 2008

I’m going to be blunt here and say, the three major faiths in the world aren’t living up to what they claim to be.

Recently, an Israeli family of settlers living in the Yitzhar settlement near Nablus offered  $100,000 to kill or capture two Palestinian prisoners released in mid-October’s Gilad Shalit deal.

Now, in retaliation, a Saudi Cleric and and a Saudi Prince offered $1million dollars for the capture of an Israeli soldier.

History shows that Jews, Muslims and Christians lived together as neighbors in relative peace in the Middle East for hundreds of years.

Who are the “bad guys” here?

That educated people would escalate violence by putting a price on the heads of their “enemies” defies common sense, and begs the question, where is “the Peacemaker”?

Who will reach across the vast chasm between two sides and take the risk to “love their enemies”?

It seems rather old-fashioned in our modern, Western culture to have enemies, doesn’t it? Not so in the Middle East and much of the world.

Jesus knew about human nature when he told us we  to “love our enemies…and do good to those who persecute us”.  Jesus didn’t make loopholes for love.

Muslims claim their faith is one of peace.  The Holy Book of the Jews claims that they came to be a “light” to the rest of the world.

Followers of Jesus, called, Christians, are required to love their enemies, whether they are Jews, Muslims, or other Christians.

Do you see much Peace, Light or Love coming out of these three Faiths toward one another?  I certainly don’t hear a lot of talk about loving Muslims coming from Christians…I wish I did!

Read this latest report from PNN. (Palestine Network News established by Holy Land Trust)


Saudi Prince Offers $1 Million for Capture of Israeli Soldier Print E-mail
29.10.11 – 23:57
Saudi Prince Khaled bin Talal Abdulaziz al-Saud, one of 7,000 members of the ruling al-Saud family in Saudi Arabia, offered $900,000 to match a previous $100,000 reward offered by a Saudi cleric for the capture of any Israeli soldier. The total reward of $1 million is claimed to be a response to similar offers by Israeli settlers for the captures or murders of freed Palestinian prisoners.


Saudi Prince Khaled bin Talal Abdulaziz al-Saud, who offered the reward money (al-Wattan TV).
Saudi cleric Awad al-Qurni offered $100,000 for the capture of an Israeli soldier last week, matching the amount that an Israeli family of settlers living in the Yitzhar settlement near Nablus offered to kill or capture two Palestinian prisoners released in mid-October’s Gilad Shalit deal. Al-Qurni has been targeted by Jewish groups for his actions and at least one group reportedly offered $1 million for his death.
Prince Khaled, originally quoted by the Palestinian network al-Wattan TV, said, “Al-Qurni offered $100,000 for whoever kidnaps a soldier, then [unnamed Israeli groups] offered $1 million to kill al-Quri, and now I’m saying to al-Qurni that I’m supporting you by offering another $900,000, which will make it a million for whoever kidnaps a soldier.”
The oil wealth of the al-Saud family is thought to be well in excess of $500 billion, with some estimates reaching $1 trillion. Prince Khaled’s personal wealth is unknown, but he is the brother of Prince al-Walid bin Talal, the 26th richest person in the world. According to his Wikipedia page, Prince Khaled is the former president of a Saudi Arabian volleyball club and the third son of Prince Talal bin Abdulaziz, who is not in the succession line to the monarchy.