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Freedom From Terror: MLK JR’s Legacy

“Your father and his brother, the mayor, came into the kitchen with a rope. They said a black man had raped a white woman and they were going out hunting for him. I was terrified.”

Until I was an adult, my mother had told me nothing about her dashing, handsome husband, my birth father.

She asked me not to look for him because he was “dangerous.” I honored her request until I was forty-seven years old, when I searched for and found my father, an old man living in South Georgia.

Mom was a beautiful, small town Northern Pennsylvania school teacher who had spent years caring for her sick mother. He, a charming Southern soldier on leave, had swept her off her feet. They married on a whim. On their honeymoon, he took her to visit his traditional, southern family where she discovered his true identity.

With a flare towards the romantic, mom picked her china pattern, ‘The Georgian’ by Homer Laughlin,  learned to make Southern Biscuits, got on a train back to Pennsylvania and seldom saw the man she married until after WWII.

He returned to discuss divorce, disown me, and disappear. He never appeared in our family story until I found him in his kitchen forty-seven years later.

“I always wondered what happened to you, but I never did anything about it.” sad words from my elderly father, as I sat at his knee bawling.

We spoke on the phone several times and then three months later he died. The end.  Yet my work was just beginning. I needed to forgive the trauma and loneliness, depression and anger that remained in me.

When I read this article, I remembered him again and thought about the terror he was responsible for in that Southern town so many years ago.


Trapped by Generations of Lace Curtains: SOUL TIES?

The issue of “Soul Ties” was brought  up in counseling a few weeks ago, in reference to an old boy friend of mine. It was a passing thought, really, because I’m quite sure I did have an extremely strong attachment to ‘ONE’ for a few years after I got married, but dealt with it long ago..

No, but I do believe I’ve struggled with “Soul Ties” as my mother must have regarding ‘things’ from her past, and her inability to detach herself from family. I’ve written about her very real struggles before, and I don’t wonder that she held onto items belonging to a time when she was happy and secure.

But, as I pull out bag after bag of ancient lace curtains from generations of Wills, Hammond, Scull, Webb women I do, as I always have, begin to weaken at the mere thought of getting rid of them. They stink, they’re ecru with age, they’re probably not valuable, they’re not attractive to me..

Why, do I hang on to them?

This new thought about “Soul Ties” may be my answer!

I see no valid reason for hanging on to them.

I have a wonderful and even exciting life, full of present and future generations of family, more than enough friends and yet here I am hesitating.

If I threw them out, it feels like I would be throwing out my great, great, grandma Lucy Julianne. But, I’m not, am I? So, I’ll be exploring this idea of breaking  unhealthy “Soul Ties” with my grandmothers down the line.

Does anybody else struggle with this? Let me know how you’ve dealt with it.