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Two years ago,  I lost my blog and couldn’t remember my way back into it. For the thousands ( yes!) of readers who visited over the years, I apologize for dropping the blog for no apparent reason.

I felt embarrassed to admit the truth, that my mind was so confused  I couldn’t remember how to recover passwords and I decided I wouldn’t try any longer. But, in the years of my blog, as I struggled to find my place, I felt that I had written some good material and I mourned its loss, even as a record of my journey.

Today, while driving out-of-town I realized why my mind has been in such disarray.

In the past six years my husband and I have moved ourselves, our dogs and our possessions into and out of seven homes.

We have had a sabbatical on the ocean, in the mountains, driven cross-country, back again, moved from North to South, settled and resettled and traveled overseas between celebrating marriages and births. It’s all been a bit much for my aging brain.

As I sit by my window, settled into our log home, I look out at restful green fields surrounding me. I am beginning to love this new place, though I held back my affection for a while.

Today was the day I found my blog and my heart let down its guard.

PS. Can I ask your patience as I find my way around WordPress blogging again? Thanks.

Remembering my password

Sorry about not posting for a bit. I’ve been unsuccessfully trying to get back into this blog for days now and had almost given up! I could read my postings, but couldn’t add to them, or even find my Dashboard, or account for Connecting the Dots.

On the other hand, I was constantly being referred to an older blog that I thought I had lost last year.

So, hopefully, I’ll transfer the few things I had written before onto this one, and remember to write down the correct combo of passwords etc. for Connecting the Dots.

Wouldn’t you know that all the while I’ve been unable to get into this one, I’ve been wildly eager to write?

Of course, now, it’s late at night, and I’m heading to bed. Reading yet another Afghan book, A Bed of Red Flowers, by Afghan actress, Nelofer Pazira, about growing up during the Communist years, and her exile in Pakistan, as well as her friends’ disappearance.


All this triggered by our friendship with a dear Afghan couple here. I am sooo blessed.