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The Silent Exodus of Syria’s Christians

Stephen Sizer

via Stephen Sizer: The Silent Exodus of Syria’s Christians.

Lopez Lomong: From Sudanese ‘Lost Boy’ to U.S. Olympian

English: Lopez Lomong runs in the first round ...

English: Lopez Lomong runs in the first round of the men’s 1500 meter run at the US Olympic Team Trials-Track & Field, held at Hayward Field on the campus of the University of Oregon in Eugene, Oregon. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There is an honorable side to America that gets lost in “politicking”, and demonstrations of all kinds over chicken sandwiches. If you are watching the Olympics, you will hear the name of Lopez Lomong, a runner for Team USA. He was once a terrorist, a child soldier of Sudan, and then one of the hundreds of thousands of “Lost Boy’s”, refugees who held hope in their young hearts as they dreamed of living in the USA. Here is his story

Lopez Lomong: From Sudanese ‘Lost Boy’ to U.S. Olympian | WORLD VISION BLOG.

The Prayer Behind Leymah Gbowee’s Nobel Peace Prize

Leymah Gbowee

Leymah Gbowee (Photo credit: aktivioslo)

I love hearing women’s stories, especially when I can relate to them. Leymah Gbowee‘s story about bringing a peaceful revolution to Liberia is one I really connect with.  She recognized her weaknesses, her need for God, and she spoke truth to power.  Leymah Gbowee, mother and activist, is my kind of woman, and  she changed the course of an entire nation!

Leymah Gbowee is the narrator and central character in the 2008 documentary film Pray the Devil Back to Hell. This Nobel Peace Prize winner helped to bring down former Liberian President Charles Taylor, by among other things, organizing the women of Liberia to stop having sex with their husbands until they laid down their arms to stop killing for Charles Taylor’s terrible regime.  The women even threatened to strip naked in the public square (a terrible shame and a curse in their country), if the men refused to do this.

These tactics worked, and the women kept their clothes on!

Gbowee’s story is not a lovely one, and her doctrine seems hardly evangelical…but…I’m proud to say we share a special bond. She received her Masters from my first university, Eastern Mennonite, in Harrisonbug, VA…and I know the atmosphere there was filled with the peace of Christ.

This is where I began to understand what it meant to love God with my whole heart, mind and soul…and to love my neighbor as myself, and to follow Christ regardless of where He led me.

I like to think Gbowee and I may have shared some of the same sacred places at EMU; maybe a shade tree on the hill-top overlooking the dorms, where we prayed for our Lord to give us a loving “makeover”.

She is presently advocating for women in her campaign against female genital mutilation, FGM, a practice that is very common in Africa and many Arab nations.

The Ceasefire Prayer Behind Leymah Gbowee’s Nobel Peace Prize | Christianity Today | A Magazine of Evangelical Conviction.

American Holocaust of Native American Indians

Painting For Supremacy by Charles Marion Russell

Painting For Supremacy by Charles Marion Russell (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“But we meant well.” I began to squirm as I watched the following short film by Joanelle Romerro and felt those words coming to mind.

An 1899 chromolithograph of U.S. cavalry pursu...

An 1899 chromolithograph of U.S. cavalry pursuing American Indians, artist unknown (Photo credit: Wikipedia),

How do I, as a follower of Christ, respond, when I discover such atrocities done in the pursuit of my country’s Christian purposes?

One thought I’m having is that it is always better to know what is true and live a life of response rather than reaction to it.

How shall we respond?

I can hear some of my race saying it is in the past and “they” should let it go. But, that isn’t ours to say, just as it isn’t the debtors place to forgive the debt, or the abusers place to forgive the abused.

Shall we live in shame, seek justice for war crimes, reparations?

To live in awareness that I am a part of this flawed race brings humility to my soul and motivates me to speak out about injustice and reach out in the small measure of compassion that Jesus has given me.

Native American

Native American (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The fact that people in other cultures commit similar murderous behavior when they dominate the Sudanese, Palestinians, Afghans, Syrians, Saudi women, Ugandans and on and on speaks to more than American or Western dominance, but a deeply flawed sense of moral responsibility common to the human race.

I am ashamed to say that in the Western and Israeli context I seem to be hearing it called “Democracy.”

This video takes half an hour and is well worth your time.  Something in me wants to ask that as you watch it, you don’t just judge our country, but also examine your own. I hope its record is flawless.

American Holocaust of Native American Indians (FULL Documentary) – YouTube.

Myanmar signs crucial cease-fire with Karen rebels – Yahoo! News

What difference will this cease-fire make in the lives of Karen boys and girls who have come to this country as refugees?  After being educated and mostly growing up here in the United States, will any of them ever feel safe enough to return “home?”

It is so different for the Buddhist Burman, who still long for their country and hope to return to it.

The Karen continue to wear their National Costume on special occasions, but seldom talk about their horrendous past. No wonder.

“The Karen group has been fighting for greater autonomy for more than 60 years in a guerrilla campaign in eastern jungles that precedes Myanmar’s independence from Britain.”

What does a cease-fire mean?

Myanmar signs crucial cease-fire with Karen rebels – Yahoo! News.

Yemen: “Friday of Female Martyrs”- Yemen Post English Newspaper Online


Image via Wikipedia

Few Americans understand what is happening in the Arab world these days, and Yemen is one of the countries least known to me.

I have seldom seen Arab men, some wearing pink baseball caps, turning out to protest violence towards women and children as I did Friday in Sanaa, Yemen on Mosaic TV. They were joined by women in pink hijab who spoke openly.

See the report below.

Yemen: “Friday of Female Martyrs”- Yemen Post English Newspaper Online.

Until uprising, Gadhafi’s son was on U.S. internship – Yahoo! News

Until uprising, Gadhafi’s son was on U.S. internship – Yahoo! News.

Talk about, “Embarrassing”! I think he is also the son who was reported to be killed by a bombing, in an exclusive report by FOX news and other sources withing the Middle East.