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Interesting, but necessary for me to hold in juxtaposition other articles that struggle with the Scriptures and Society. For example, If we are simply ashamed of treating same sex relationships differently (and I’ve been engaging many Conservative Christians about this issue and don’t find them struggling as I do) but, also fail to acknowledge that our Scriptures do indeed teach that there is a difference, we do our faith and society a disservice. We must face this inconvenient and uncomfortable fact that in this case, as Christians, it isn’t enough to say, “But, it’s a sin, and that’s that.” There are real lives and real loves at stake, and many in our society don’t even understand what it means to live by a Scriptural standard. If they do, they only recognize it by negative example; seeing haters and detractors. How do we as Christians live by these standards, in every aspect of our lives? How do we communicate these “archaic” views of our heartfelt beliefs? Few people in our Western society are waiting until marriage to have sex. Many Christians aren’t faithful to their one spouse despite what are very simple Scriptural principles. Why do the Scriptures about same sex relationships receive so much more attention than these other principles? Do Christians struggle with these questions, as well as with their objection to Gay relationships? I hope so.



If you have browsed through this blog, you know already that Rachel Held Evans is one of my favourite authors.

I paste here below a very powerful text she has published some time ago on her blog, but I failed to share with you because of my travel. Here it is, in its entirety.

* * *


Posted: 07 Mar 2013 07:19 AM PST

I am ashamed.

I am ashamed that we feast while our neighbors go hungry.

I am ashamed of our selective memory.

I am ashamed of the bumper stickers, the t-shirts, the logos, the fog machines, the light shows, the celebrities, and that paralyzing fear of Silence we’re so bound and determined to avoid that we keep shouting and shouting and shouting at one another till our words are just clanging cymbals echoing off church walls.

I am ashamed of the walls. They are built…

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One Response

  1. I appreciated your blog post. As a Christian living in the real world with friends of all beliefs, creeds, and persuasions, I do indeed struggle with these issues. I can say with assurance that I struggle equally with issues of same sex love, purity in unmarried Christ-followers, and the sanctity of marriage – the latter two of which do indeed seem to get swept under the rug in the storm of our debates. May God grant us grace toward all. May we find the love of Christ in our hearts toward all men.

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