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” Where People Get Scripture Wrong” Or Nuances of the Faith?

The Rt Revd N T (Tom) Wright delivering the Ja...

The Rt Revd N T (Tom) Wright delivering the James Gregory Lecture, "Can a scientist believe in the resurrection", St Andrews, Thursday 20 December 2007 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You’ll find an interesting article below, written by N.T. Wright,  which examines the extremes that Liberal and Conservative Christians in the West gravitate towards in their reading of Scripture.

I think it fits in nicely with my recent post considering a “Third Way” vs. Black and White thinking about Natural Gas and other issues. I’m not referring to a political movement called the “Third Way”, but rather a way of looking at life and faith through a moderate lens.

I heard radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh say once, that if you were “moderate” in your views, you really didn’t believe anything.  This stung a bit because I was in the process of becoming more moderate and I wondered if I was “selling out”.

Now, I rather think that moderation is another word for nuanced thinking.

Clearly, Rush, a political extremist, along with many religious fanatics around the world do not align themselves with the nuances of religious/ or political moderation.

I understand what it means to be firmly grounded in my faith’s/political principles, but I don’t intend to go to war over them.

This is probably where the old term ” Fighting Fundies” arose. I grew up in that arena and I understand the ground rules. Unfortunately, life among the fundamentalists is pressured and not always consistent. It is difficult to live a transparent life of love and kindness when one believes obedience to rules is such a high value.

Would I die for my faith? Yes, I pray that I would never deny Christ. But, I wouldn’t fight, kill or slander another person for what they believe, either.

This is where moderates draw the line. I believe Jesus calls us to become involved in our world in a positive way, leaving the outcome in God’s hands. What better example than His own?

I’d be interested in your opinion after you read the article below.

RELEVANT Magazine – Where People Get Scripture Wrong.

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