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Natural Gas: A Third Way?

Gas Natural

Gas Natural

There is still much debate over Hydro-Fracking to obtain natural gas.

People line up on either side according to party affiliation, so it’s difficult to find an article that doesn’t demonize the other.

Below, you’ll find an article refuting current findings about the dangers of Hydro-Fracking. This article is from “The Blaze“, an ultra conservative internet magazine founded by Glenn Beck .  However, the comments section got me to thinking.


I also happened to find this article,  NaturalGas.org. , which references the history of natural gas and how it was obtained in the “old-fashioned” way. I’ve been curious about this for a long time.

Against fracking 01

Against fracking 01 (Photo credit: Bosc d'Anjou)

I wonder what current alternatives do we have to Hydro-fracking and if anyone is working on improving these methods to safely extract natural gas?

Which brings me to my title.

Just because one side of an argument might be found exaggerating, or fudging facts in a few cases, it doesn’t mean that the overall argument is false.

If one thing is true, for example; Civil rights, Anti-discrimination legislation, Affirmative Action, and now even Anti-hate crime legislation is in effect and yet a majority of black people in our country don’t feel safe.

Many white people think this is ridiculous and black people should just move on. Instead of working to resolve the real problem which seems to be lack of trust, one side accuses the other of being ingenuous or worse, and the wall goes higher.

Certainly, we see this in the Israeli/Palestinian Conflict where both sides have genuine hurt and grief and fear yet unresolved.

This first came to mind when I heard Hilary Clinton complain on television of a “Huge right-wing conspiracy” against her husband when the Monica Lewinsky scandal broke out. It turned out that both were true. The conservatives were indeed eager to catch Clinton in any impropriety, but it wasn’t that difficult since the allegations were true.

Since that time our political parties have been in a battle to bring the opposing side’s president shame (George Bush’s drinking) or ridicule (again George Bush and Obama’s heritage), whether he is guilty of a crime or guiltless.

Christians might find me rushing down the road to relativism…where nothing is absolutely true, but I think not. I think we’ve become so entrenched in Black and White thinking, in our determination to avoid compromise, that we have lost our ability to influence society in a meaningful way.

I think of Solyndra, and the rush to judgment that shut down much discussion about renewable energy on the federal level just because of this  error. http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2012-04-03/solyndra-s-loan-guarantee-was-rushed-treasury-audit-says-1-.html

The Obama administration appears to have caved in many times to discouragement or pressure from lobbyists’ criticism.  Two examples I think of are the firing of Van Jones the Green energy czar as well as it’s campaign promise of commitment to halting the settlements in the West Bank.

President Obama came in with good ideas for changing the direction of America in several specific ways.  When ideas are true and right, it doesn’t mean that they are perfect. They may require “tweaking” and input from all sides. Opposition and criticism is helpful to see where the plan lacks consistency, but doesn’t mean the plan should be thrown out.

That’s the way I feel about Hydro-Fracking. Maybe it’s not so terribly dangerous as environmentalists are describing it, but it feels like there is more beneath the surface that may be concealed from us due to corporate interests. The presence of “green” logos and butterflies on their signs only increases alarm in me. It makes me feel like I’m being soothed into swallowing a lie.

What if we would treat our “opponents” as we would our family in a conflict?  Even in distrust, we recognize that each side has legitimate concerns.  Refusing to rush into judgment or be pulled into useless debates and shouting matches, we listen and learn from each other and seek truth that we all can live with. I think we might make some progress. This is especially difficult, though, when both parties aren’t willing to listen and learn from one another.

This is true in US Politics, the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, The Arab Spring, the Economy, Race Relations, the Afghan War and Energy solutions. There is more than one way to view these issues, and people’s precious lives are at stake.

Continuing to debate and accuse each other is getting us nowhere.

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