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Susan G. Komen Should Focus on Research Not Charity

Race for the Cure Logo

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Well, we’ve certainly seen the ugly underbelly of women’s health care this week, haven’t we?

First Susan G. Komen for the Cure withdrew funds from Planned Parenthood, then after a great deal of brouhaha, reversed their decision.

However, during this time, Planned Parenthood’s donations far exceeded the amount of the Susan G. Komen grant.

Does anybody really know why Susan G. Komen withdrew funds in the first place? There is much speculation.

Planned Parenthood assumes that it is because of pressure from Pro-Life activists. Now that they have reversed their decision, it is rumored that Planned Parenthood waged a “mafia” type campaign against them.

Was this truly all about politics and abortion as most people claim?

Two things I learned about Planned Parenthood this week. They are being investigated in several states for illegal activities, and though they do breast exams, they don’t do mammograms.

Apparently, this is big news to some who thought Planned Parenthood was essential for breast exams, but it simply refers women to other places where Mammograms are available.  See the following article:


When I think about it, I wonder why an organization supported by donations turns around and donates a lot of money to another organization. It seems like people donating to Susan G.Komen for the Cure intend their money “for the Cure”, for researching a cure for breast cancer, not for Planned Parenthood or any other group.

So, this clarifies things for me. I don’t demonize Planned Parenthood, it provides birth control for women who can’t afford it. I’d like Susan G. Komen to focus on research.  Let Planned Parenthood survive on their own, as this week has proven they can.

An Inside Look at Susan G. Komen for the Cure’s Spin Machine – Jeffrey Goldberg – Health – The Atlantic.


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