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The Future of Solitude



After our year Sabbatical, it’s been surprisingly difficult for us to become involved again with people.  I mentioned to Jon, we don’t seem quite ready to re-enter public life.

We returned to our church, but for months sat up in the balcony at a distance from most of the people we know and love. We’ve enjoyed weekly conversations with just a few as we slip out the door.

This week we managed to return to our regular seat, and visited with many old friends. We did okay, but felt exhausted afterwards.

The only fall or winter holiday event we attended was one on Renewable Energy where we suspected we wouldn’t know many people. We didn’t! :()

Why this difficulty re-entering public life?

Last year was largely a year of solitude.  After years of being with people for hours on end every day of the week for our entire marriage, we left our life behind to be alone with each other, with God, and with our own thoughts.

On our return, we were hesitant, and probably a bit fearful, certainly cautious about returning to lifelong habits of over commitment. We had learned valuable lessons about the long-term effects of neglecting boundaries.

But, we had also learned the value of a peaceful, uncluttered mind. I think both of us wonder how we will live in the “real” world without once again having our thoughts so pre-occupied with good thoughts that we have little time for wonderful ones.

Read this article below for thoughts on the future of Solitude:


2 Responses

  1. I can understand that fear / reluctance.

    • I guess it’s true with any new venture. Thanks for reading.

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