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Happy New Year 2012

You are in my thoughts as we begin a new year.

As we recover from a wonderful holiday visit with three little grandsons, we face the emptying of our home here in Central New York where we’ve lived such full and memorable lives for over twenty years. This is an important time for me to process valuable memories and to do a bit of grieving.

Our daughter had a reunion with a few of her high school friends after Christmas and seeing these “kids” brought back those days when our home burst at the seams with teenagers!  I remember the year we had 70 kids here on New Years Eve. One girl told us with awe that she was having so much fun even without alcohol!

I remember one Thanksgiving party when we emptied out our home (the sofa’s and chairs went into people’s vans) to accommodate all the University students, when we had servers dressed as Pilgrims and Indians.

Then there were the special Ithaca High Schoolfield trips” when several busloads of ESL teens from all over the world would arrive at our home (our “crib” as Diego from a South American Country liked to call it), for a day of games and food and hanging out at a real home.

So,  my mind is preoccupied with home and hearth these days. I’m sorting and throwing away notes from Indonesia and my entire lifetime. I even found a little story I wrote in elementary school. There is much to process.  So much, that I’m finding it difficult to write my blog. I hope I’ll return to writing soon, but I have other priorities right now. I hope you understand.

Once I’ve decided what to keep as hard copies, what books to give to the “Friends of the Library Sale”, which baby clothes to hang on to, it will be time to clean the rugs, empty the house and put it on the market in March. I suppose there will be times when I will welcome writing as a diversion, but I can’t promise my entire head will be in it for a while.

Right now, my primary concern is: Anybody interested in buying our dream home, and where will our next one be?

2 Responses

  1. Wherever the next dream house is, it surely has a porch waiting for you. I hope the new year brings you much joy and comfort once you have conquered the challenges of moving.

    • Ohhh, that picture will remain in my mind as I search…a porch, or two. I’m a front porch person, and Jon likes a back porch. We added both to our present house. And I will picture you and I sitting, sipping a glass of wine enjoying the mountain scenery views while they guys fire up the BBQ, Colorado style!

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