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“Bias”, Ethnocentrism and Freedom

Gaza flotilla route

Gaza Flotilla Route from Greece

I mentioned on my Facebook page that many people in the USA dismiss the TV program,  “Democracy Now“, where the following interview was aired, as liberal, and thus not truthful.

This is also the attitude with any report by Al Jazeera. People say that Al Jazeera has an Arab bias. The same people trust American stations, but possibly not Canadian, and certainly not the BBC to report the “truth”, even “fair and balanced”. But how objective are we?

In fact, our Middle Eastern friends tell us that Arab Al Jazeera does have an Arab bias, but so few of us can understand Arabic.  As I watch English Al Jazeea, I find it refreshingly fair and balanced, and I think at my age, I’m a pretty good judge of “bias”. We’re all biased to some degree.

Judge for yourself if you’re one of the fortunate ones who can access it in your part of the USA.

What is strangely lacking about these statements is any awareness of our own ethnocentric bias, which blinds us to the suffering of others.

Well, I’m neither liberal, nor Arab. Though I do like Arabs a lot!

In fact, spending time with Abraham‘s descendents, both Jews and Arabs is one of my greatest delights, especially when they are becoming aware of their shared values. I love seeing them breaking down centuries of walls of discrimination.

Check out this interview with a former Israeli Air Force pilot who has joined the Gaza Flotilla from Greece, along with Alice Walker and others.

Is it provocative? Of course it is. But, what is causing the provocation?


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