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Liking Michele Bachmann

Official photo of Congresswoman Michele Bachma...

Michele Bachmann

For a few shining moments last week, Michele Bachmann moved ahead of all other possible GOP nominees to #1 one in the polls,  and FOX News Commentator, Chris Wallace‘s audacious, “Are you a Flake?” led many of the news programs.

Despite what her detractors would have us believe, she’s no “slouch”, and she does have influence, especially among Christians.

She’s a powerful woman, a woman with a purpose, and yes, she’s raised 23 teenagers. I can imagine her putting those kids on notice; I can imagine her putting our nation on notice; It would feel uncomfortable.

I wouldn’t vote for her, but I like her!

She’s feisty, she’s smart (yes, I believe she is), but I’m concerned that she’s got an agenda beyond serving our Country.

Learning that she got her undergrad Law Degree at Oral Roberts University, and became an activist after seeing Francis Schaeffer‘s film, “How Shall We Then Live”, about abortion, tells me a lot.  Especially when rubbing shoulders in the real world has apparently not “moderated” her views over these past decades.

I was one of those young people in the 70’s who was being enticed into the “movement” to change the world. Here’s how I remember those days! We were being challenged to get our Law degrees to change the encroaching evil system of “the World”.

The “World” was defined, not as the creation of God, the huge global mass of humanity starving for a glimpse of God’s loving kindness, but as a dark “system” out to get us!

I was enough of a skeptic to question if such Black and White thinking might not be flawed. Fortunately, I saw flaws in every system. I tried to keep my eyes on God, as best I could, having already concluded that human beings were the problem in every system,  whether they were Christian or not.

Many Evangelical Christians during this time were being taught to see the “the World” as, “us versus them”. Evangelical Christians began to view themselves as “victims”, and unbelievers as threats to their freedom and  their “rights”.

This was re-inforced by a system of “separation” where Christians were encouraged to live in a “parallel universe”: choosing only PG films (but never entering a movie theater), reading only The Classics, dressing differently, keeping their minds “unspotted”, unsoiled from the world.

This was interpreted by Evangelical leaders as “Biblical”, and Bible Schools in the 70’s enforced it.

As an RA in a Bible School in the Eastern USA I had to measure the girls’ skirts to make sure they weren’t too short. Girls literally had to kneel on the floor so I could apply a ruler to measure those skirts. I think it was six inches from the floor. This was a task I (and they) hated with a passion, and one of my few rebellions for which I often got into trouble!

The guys could not let their hair grow past their ears. This was the era of the Sixty’s and Seventy’s. We weren’t even allowed to wear Jeans to class yet! When I took this matter to the Deans, they replied that it had to do with the “Christian Constituents” who supported our school!

Eventually, this separation idea (we’re different)  began to evolve into the thought that Christians had basic “rights” in this country because of our historical connection to the “Godly Heritage” of our Founding Fathers, that others didn’t have. (we’re special)

Many of us followed the teachings of Francis Schaeffer, the first (and only) intellectual Christian I had ever read.

Frank Schaeffer, in his autobiography, “Crazy for God: How I Grew Up As One of the Elect, Helped Found the Religious Right and Lived to Take All (or Almost All) of It Back”, describes this period of time when Evangelicals discovered their place in the world, his Father’s influence, and Frank’s rejection of this way of life.

Christians who had previously avoided politics as “dirty”,  began to enter politics in the late 70’s to try to influence American Government Policy to be more favorable to God/Christians. Unfortunately, instead of learning how to “listen” and learn, the Christians came in with the force of suicide bombers and forty years later Christian politicians still seem to be “tone deaf”.

This, I believe is the tradition from which Michele Bachmann hails, and having failed to learn the “listening” lesson, I believe she has also failed in one other.

There is a saying, “African Americans and women always have to be twice as good as others (men) in order to succeed”…Christians do too…because there is that extra scrutiny ( Sadly, Christian politicians have not earned the reputation of being 100% trustworthy, they seem to be like most other politicians)…Unfortunately, Michele Bachmann doesn’t stand up well to scrutiny.

Though she’s intelligent, she so often speaks “off the cuff”, she frequently falls over a cliff. Her tongue is not disciplined.

A President must not only have a disciplined mind and tongue, but also must be perceived as having one. Michele Bachmann does not.

I admire Michele, but I am also concerned about her, learn more:


Bachmann’s Waterloo

The GOP lawmaker’s presidential campaign starts with a slew of off-base claims.

June 28, 2011


Rep. Michele Bachmann officially joined the presidential campaign trail, but made a flurry of false and misleading claims along the way.

The Minnesota Republican appeared on two Sunday talk shows the day before giving her formal announcement speech in Waterloo, Iowa. On the shows, she made false statements about income from her family farm and government subsidies to her husband’s business. She also made misstatements regarding earmarks, federal pay, government-owned “limousines” and health care:

* Bachmann falsely claimed that she and her husband “have never gotten a penny” from a family farm that received federal subsidies. But she reported income from the farm in 2006, 2008 and 2009 — the most recent year available — on her congressional financial disclosure statements.
* She claimed she had been “faithful” to her pledge not to request federal earmarks. But she requested $40 million in transportation earmarks in the 2009 fiscal year budget after taking the pledge, later claiming such projects should not be subjected to her promise. She withdrew her requests after the House Republicans took a party position in 2010 not to seek earmarks.
* Bachmann wrongly blamed President Obama for increasing the number of federal transportation workers who earn more than $170,000 from one to 1,690 during the recession. At least two-thirds of those employees were receiving more than $170,000 before Obama took office.
* She criticized the president for a 73 percent increase in government “limousines.” But one department accounted for the increase, and it had a long-term plan, pre-dating Obama, to add armored vehicles. The term “limousine” includes armored vehicles and sedans, not just actual limos.
* She claimed government money received by her husband’s counseling clinics did not benefit the business, because the funds paid for employee training. It’s true the clinics received $24,041 for training, but the business received thousands more in government funds, including money for treating crime victims.
* The three-term congresswoman repeated — on two Sunday shows — the false claim that the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office said the federal health care law will “cost the economy 800,000 jobs.” The CBO never said that. It said there will be a “small” impact on jobs.

When she got to Waterloo to deliver her first official campaign speech, Bachmann made her now viral gaffe in saying that tough-guy actor John Wayne was from Waterloo, Iowa. The Duke was born in Winterset, Iowa, and was raised in California. It was John Wayne Gacy, the serial killer, who was from Waterloo.

Note: This is a summary only. The full article with analysis, images and citations may be viewed on our Web site:



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