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Osama’s End

Osama bin Laden thanks America for Barack Obam...

Image by Zooomabooma via Flickr

It was impossible to miss the biggest news story of the decade: OSAMA BIN LADEN IS DEAD!  Conspiracy Theorists will have to change their signs!

We saw the news first on my laptop as we were installing updates, and like a millions of others, tuned  into CNN to catch details. What we saw were people “rejoicing” in front of the White House, which turned my stomach.

When I saw their fists pumping in the air, I was appalled by the unavoidable comparison to the news stories that shocked and hurt us when many in the Muslim World were celebrating when the Towers went down, and still when there has been an “imagined” victory over “USA, the Great satan”.

President Obama’s speech was powerful and I was amazed by his administration’s success in finishing what Osama had begun and the Bush Administration responded to, and the ability of all involved to keep it entirely secret!

As I learned that he and Leon Panetta had made the call to go in to take OBL personally, rather than to bomb his compound, I was proud of their wisdom. I was especially moved by the photos coming out of the ‘war room’ showing the depths of tension and concern.  Obama has carried this burden so well during the months and weeks leading up to this crisis.

I am tremendously proud of him, especially as he has been constantly baited by many in our nation to “prove” that is Christian, American; in fact, worthy of being our president. He has kept his counsel, and saved many lives even in taking the life of the “Public Enemy Number One“.

Now, the decision is whether to release the photos of Osama’s corpse. Obama is hesitant. Some of his advisors are concerned that releasing them will be inflammatory. Leon Panetta, head of the CIA, believes the photos should be released.

The issue seems to be “sensitivity”. Sensitivity?

Americans may be “sensitive”, at least, we hope we are. The world of Asia and the Middle East, is pretty tolerant to gruesome, as is obvious from what they allow in their news broadcasts.

I’ve seen one photo of OBL in death, from a Military friend. It’s gruesome. Is it necessary to release the photo just to satisfy the conspiracy theorists? Osama’s wives are talking, the rumors over the Muslim world are that he is dead. Would releasing his photos make the world more dangerous for our troops?

People here are talking a bit about whether OBL was ‘armed’ or not. I guess, it’s appropriate, not necessarily ‘fair’, that OBL was no more armed than many unarmed and innocent people that have died at his hands.

The information on OBL’s computers are possibly the greatest security coup since 9/11.

Perhaps this is more important than proving anything to people in our country who will never be satisfied?

What do you think?

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