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Would Jesus give a Fist Bump?

A "What Would Jesus Do?" (WWJD) bracelet

Image via Wikipedia

Muslims and Christians believe that Jesus will return to earth sometime in the future. Jews wait for a Messiah, who is not the same Jesus who lived and walked in Bethlehem.

A big separation happened back when Jesus was alive on earth because the Jews rejected him as the ‘Messiah who was prophesied to come’. He didn’t fit their hope and dreams of a ‘conquering hero’ who would liberate them from oppression.

But, some Jews and non-Jews understood his message, that the Kingdom he was introducing was a ‘Kingdom of the Heart’, and they followed him, eventually being called, ‘Christians’ by their critics.

Contrary to popular belief, he never intended to start a new religion*; He told people to stop doing their ownspiritual  thing and follow him. He talked about the Kingdom of Heaven being real. He said he would return.

So, I was thinking the other day about the logistics of Jesus’ real return to earth. Well, not exactly, the “how”, only God knows about that; but what would he ‘be’ like?

Jesus was so great at relating to people who felt lost. I wonder how he would do it if he came, tomorrow?

Would he hang out on the street corners of Palestine with the Palestinian Authority guys who guard the streets, and the young kids who have no work? Maybe he’d hang with the gangs in Detroit. Imagine that!

Would he feel most comfortable in a Synagogue, a Church, or a Mosque, or none of these?

I wonder if he would use public transportation, or would he prefer to walk everywhere as he did 2000 years ago?

What about his clothing, would he go ‘casual’,”metro”, or defy all style preferences? Would he wear a ‘Yamaka‘ because he was Jewish, or a ‘Keffiyeh‘, to identify with the locals, or a ‘Panama hat ‘ because he liked it? What about a baseball cap?

On second thought, I can’t imagine Jesus expressing his personal style, ala ‘GQ‘;  Jesus with a ‘fashion preference’? Unlikely, but who am I to judge? Jesus dressed in the fashions of the day when he was on earth before.

What would Jesus eat? We know he ate fish. Would he pay attention to what other people ate? Would he join his ‘mates’ for a pint down at the corner pub?

There was a fad a few years back, where lots of teens in the States were wearing jewelry with the initials ‘WWJD‘, meaning “What Would Jesus Do?” I often wondered if these kids put much effort into reading the Bible for themselves to find out who Jesus really was and what he’d really done. I hope they did.

A lot of his actions were pretty radical, especially the part about loving others and even loving enemies.

I hope this jewelry was meant in a pro-active way rather than to just prevent the kids from acting “badly”, though unfortunately, in my experience, Christian kids often haven’t learned how to make good choices about their own behavior. But, they are kids.

Lots of people criticize the Christian faith because they observe Christians behaving badly, which makes sense while at the same time is pretty lame, since we’re simply human.

Another reason they criticize, I suspect, is that they see Christians acting all high and mighty, as if they are better than others, so when a Christian  bombs an abortion clinic, or fails publically(especially a leader who has been outspoken against a certain “bad” behavior) people who were sick of being criticized feel like piling on. It spreads over into politics,and even happens when Christian politicians use improper English!

I’ve noticed Conservative Christians, on the other hand, do pretty much the same thing when Muslims bomb a bus, or when a few Liberals/Progressives speak about Abortion. We paint the opposition with broad strokes of the same brush.

We’re all just human and it is our tendency to attack and criticize people we perceive as enemies and sometimes even our friends.

But Jesus is more than the sum of all his followers. He defies all stereotypes…!

*See below for an interesting, though informal view on this subject see:



2 Responses

  1. Mary – Since moving to TN I’ve often wanted a bumper sticker that says “How Would Jesus Drive” because people drive wildly around here and when they cut me off or pass me on a blind curve I often see either their fish symbol or the ever present local favorite bumper sticker “Christians aren’t perfect, just forgiven”. I guess in my mind driving falls into the do unto others category…but then I’m never in a hurry to get anywhere these days! Thanks for keeping me thinking! xxoo

    • Rose, Have you ever seen the one, “Honk, if you love Jesus”? I did blow my horn once, and got the most awful glare! It made me scared to do it again!
      It seems Christians are pretty disconnected from their bumper stickers. I think you should get one made up that says, “How would Jesus Drive”! Or Jon can get it made and send it to you!, There is one in Colorado Springs, “Mind your own damn family”. (Refers to Focus on the Family in Colorado Springs).

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