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Memo to Franklin Graham: Learn from Your Father

Billy Graham Franklin Graham Cleveland Stadium...

Image by escapedtowisconsin Franklin Graham with his father, Billy Graham

I was talking to a young ‘Staples‘ tech guy who was checking out my computer yesterday, and I asked him if he had heard of Franklin or Billy Graham. “Nope”, was his answer.

But, for those of you for whom these names are not, “irrelevant”, I write this.

Franklin Graham‘s accusation that The Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated our Government pushes my buttons.  I can’t find the source for his information. I’ve been searching and can’t find any hard evidence that this is true. I’m not saying it’s impossible just, “Where are the facts?”

There are many references to this on Blogs and Conservative websites, but I would expect Franklin and his followers to have higher standards.

Franklin’s accusations coincide with activity by Congressman Peter King from New York, who is opening investigations into ‘Muslim infiltration’ in the US, seeking terrorist connections with US Muslims who have not spoken out against alleged radicals.

In the meantime, King seems to expect us to ignore his own connections to the IRA, and apparently ignores United States official’s failure to speak out against other forms of terror perpetuated by many “friendly” countries, including Israel.

I’m an admirer of Franklin’s dad, Billy.  He used to be very conservative, and subsequently has  become more moderate in his thinking.  Many Conservatives haven’t forgiven him for leaving them, and Liberals won’t forgive him for “once” being Conservative.

He’s a hero to me; learning from his mistakes, growing more gracious as he ages, and now, preparing to meet his maker.

I wish that people like Peter King and especially Franklin would stop making baseless pronouncements without backing them up, (if anyone has solid evidence about The Muslim Brotherhood “infiltrating our government” and advising President Obama, please write in to let us know).

Franklin Graham could continue doing a good work in the world through ‘Samaritan’s Purse’; but he needs to understand that the world is listening to his words as well as observing his ‘deeds’.

His integrity is at stake, but more importantly, to some people in the world, his name and position represent God.




One Response

  1. I agree wholeheartedly with this post (of course, I’m prejudiced being Mary’s husband). Freedom of speech is vitally important, but influencial people, especially prominant people of faith, need to substantiate their “facts”. We’re waiting!

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