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Is All Truth God’s Truth?

Cover of "American Gospel: God, the Found...

Cover via Amazon

In an interview for a small town library job once, my Christian faith came up.

I tend to blab very openly about my personal life, so, of course, I don’t shy away from talking about my faith.

As soon as I mentioned it, a board member asked me what I would do if a book came into the library that I personally didn’t “agree” with.

Now, maybe this was a question she asked everybody, but I doubt it.

I think she pegged me as a ‘fighting fundie’ because I talked about my faith!  I also think, she chose to ask the “Fundamentalist Fear” question, perhaps because she felt the need to protect the library from a “Conservative”.

Whatever her motive, I answered honestly, “I believe all truth is God’s truth!”

Duh, “my bad”!  At least, it triggered a bad reaction! I watched her eyebrow go up at the “God” word.

I didn’t get the job! Fortunately, I was not a single mom in desperate need of one.

I’m sure there were ‘many more qualified candidates’. Well, not really…I was pretty highly qualified…But, what the woman didn’t know, and you, my readers (I hope) know, is that I am a pursuer of truth, wherever it leads.

I am posting a link to a blog I’ve recently discovered. Information forager is also a seeker of truth.


This post features two books, one by a favorite person of mine, Jon Meacham. Here is an excerpt from the blog.

The other book is called “American Gospel” by Jon Meacham(http://www.amazon.com/American-Gospel-Founding-Fathers-Making/dp/0812976665/ref=pd_sim_b_5).   This book more or less reinforces some of the ideas of the first book with more and different evidence.   The Founding Fathers were not devoted to a purely Christian Nation as some people believe today.   The most compelling evidence is the “Treaty of Tripoli”.  This was a treaty to end the pirating of the Barbary Pirates.   Initiated by Washington and completed by Adams it contained language to allay the fears of these Barbary Muslims that America had any designs of a Christian Crusade.    Article 11 of this treaty has these words, “America is not in any sense founded on the Christian Religion,…..”.   This was ratified by the Senate in 1797.  No apparent evidence exists that shows any public outcry or disturbance.  The Founding Fathers really believed in religious freedom and expression.

Make no mistake that the Founding Fathers were in fact very religious and spiritual minded individuals that tried to live by their beliefs.   In fact, what comes across the most in these two books is each and every Founding Father lived and believed what they thought was right regardless of what others thought.  That takes a lot of courage. If only we could act on the same faith that they possessed.

My practical mindset knows that nothing I’ve written here will hardly change one iota of anyone’s opinion.   Still in all I pursue the truth of things as they really are, not as I wish them to be.

“Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but not their own facts.”
-Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan

2 Responses

  1. Thanks IF!
    Good luck on your journey!

  2. Thanks for the pass along. I liked your library job story and didn’t realize where it would end. You’re doing it. I hope to read many more of your blogs. Thanks again.

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