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At War Again

Bahrain locationNEW

Bahrain and the Fifth Fleet

We woke up this morning to find our country at war, again.

Colonel Muammar Qadaffi’s threat to go “house to house to hunt down his enemies and kill them”, in other words, to commit ‘genocide’, may have been the final factor that overcame President Obama’s resistance to War. When Obama said that Qadaffi “had to go”, we knew those words would eventually end in intervention unless Qadaffi became a “new” man.

What separates Libya, and also Bahrain and Yemen, from Egypt and Tunisia,  is the degree of violence their people are experiencing from the hands of their own government.

We are not hearing much about these stirrings of democracy within our allies, Bahrain or Yemen. For one thing, our Fifth Fleet is stationed in Bahrain. It probably serves our interest to keep peace with the government there. They do not appreciate criticism.

I’m thankful that the USA was not willing to be the first nation to intervene in Libya. The Arab League truly needed to make the first move. Certainly, the United Nations Security Counsel’s decision to approve a “No Fly Zone” was essential. But, where will this lead?

For now, we don’t envision boots on the ground. We are a people that doesn’t take the lives of our military for granted, if any country does, I don’t know, but I know that families don’t. Each loss hurts the hearts of families and in that we are not different, regardless of where in this world we live.

I pray that this “war”, will result in the downfall of Qadaffi, and the liberation of Libya’s people. May they use their freedom to advance their entire population, both men and women.


7 Responses

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  2. Dear Mary,
    Thanks for this post. I feel the same. Torn apart between my pacifist stance and the need to do something about this mad man who is ready to obliterate his own people(Grace, let’s be serious; would you think the same way if those killed by Kadaffi were Americans?).
    I am quite cynical myself about politics and politicians, but I am not a Calvinist and I do not believe in total depravity, even in politicians, if you know what I mean.

    • As always, glad to hear from you Danut. Thanks.

  3. Perhaps the Lybian people were freer before then they will be now…
    Never believe what the mainstream media say about anything. Have you looked up what Qadaffi has done for his country? No? Neither has the media. Their purpose is to paint him as insane. The question you should ask is, why? Is he truly insane, or is there another hidden reason? To justify taking over Lybia, perhaps, for it’s oil and other rich resources, maybe? One thing I do know, it has nothing to do with freeing the Lybians or bringing democracy there, and all to do with increasing power and control for a few Global Elitists.

    • Well, Grace, your view is worth looking into. I’ll do just that. I wasn’t “for” an invasion, but am also not for a leader hunting down his people (“even into their closets”) according to quotes from the media, but then again…now the Arab League is saying they aren’t on board for bombing…people “on the street” are saying they are thankful we’re there..If anything, it isn’t black and white.
      Thank you for reading and commenting. I’ll continue checking into Worldtruthtoday.

  4. I would add to Bahrain and Yemen the governments of North Korea and Congo, countries that have caused the mass slaughter of their people for decades now, with death tolls estimated in the millions. Certainly our own interests would be at stake if we intervened in a country like NK, and in my opinion it is unwise and possibly illegal to go to war with any country without a congressional declaration. But it also raises doubts about the consistency of our foreign policy and our motives in protecting “human rights.”

    • And I would like us to intervene in Burma, too. What a horrific “dream” list!
      Thanks for reading and commenting!

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