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Does God Care about Sendai and Muammar Qaddafi?

Downtown buildings of Sendai, Japan, at dawn. ...

Sendai at Dawn pre-earthquake

I’m just coming out of a two-day Migraine which is rare lately, thanks to my nightly dose of Topamax. I had migraines for thirty years, and a ‘warm and kindly’ Neurologist (a rare combination, I’ve found), suggested this was “way too long to suffer” from them. I agreed!

Whether this was a typical “let down” headache, I don’t know, but suspect so, after the long days of travel, intense interaction, and especially the “unknown” of waiting around the Denver airport for days of ‘standby’ fore and aft.

When I started my trip, all I heard was the voice of TV actor Charlie Sheen in TV interviews in every airport across the country.

This, despite the terrible war going on in Libya.  Possibly, America‘s fascination with film stars is not unique, but most people here are at least talking about how misplaced our interest is.

Then, the horrific Japanese earthquake and tsunami left the world stunned.  As a friend whose family lives in Sendai says, he feels, “Hollow”. No one can answer with satisfaction the questions flooding the world’s hearts, “How does God allow suffering like this?”, “Is there a God, if so, does He care?”.

But, I was largely removed from all of the reports because of my situation in Colorado. Ironically, I wasn’t isolated in the mountains lacking TV or newspaper, but simply occupied with  intensive counseling, deep reflection and time of connecting with God in prayer. Why?

My husband and I have lived and visited in many places around the world and know many people from other countries. We sometimes view the world’s problems as our own. In the Chaplaincy we are personally involved in complete strangers’ tragedies as we respond to crisis.  God gives us genuine concern for the needs of others.

With a continual focus outside ourselves, neglect of our inner soul and burn out is a job hazard.  We need time to pull away, even enforced times for accountability, perhaps so we don’t end up shattered like Charlie Sheen in our most private lives.

Some of you know someone who pours out his or her life for the care of others, please encourage them to take time for soul care. You can be sure they need it.

Re-entry is exhausting.  The stress of TV, especially commercials, using the computer, even a phone call from a friend, seem like an assault on my senses. Possibly another trigger to Migraine.

To be honest, I’m sure I’ll step up my pace again, typing double time on this laptop, but for now, I’m  forced to slow down and savor quiet, grow in peace.

In my experience, peace doesn’t necessarily come from my situation in the world, it comes from God.

I believe God welcomes us in our uncertainty. Does He care about my Migraines, Charlie Sheen and his family, Qaddafi and his people, the good people of Sendai and the criminals there?  How does God think? We find good leads in the Bible, and also in nature. We’ve all heard of animals that have stood by their masters, and even their animal partners in crisis.

If we human beings have compassion for unknown strangers, then could not God our creator (leap of faith?) have a similar caring heart? I believe He cares for you  and Charlie Sheen, regardless of who “deserves” it more.

Centering trust on God is a matter of faith and proven relationship for me. This brings peace even when the mountains are falling into the sea and my world is shaking on its’ axis.

2 Responses

  1. Wow! Thanks Mary.

    • Thanks for reading, Rose. I hope you realize how much I learned from you about caring for other people. Take care of yourself!

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