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For Bloggers

Medieval illustration of a Christian scribe wr...

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Writing has a long tradition in all of our faiths, but for many years, I only took time for  journal entries, news letters and letters home from far off places.

I was an imaginative writer of stories as a little girl and my close friends will tell you my wild imagination is still alive as I make up silly stories of “alien abductions” or “landings” to this day!

I love the concept of Christians who blog as “pioneers in cyber space, breaking ground for the next generation of believers”.  I’m sure this is true for Muslims and certainly people of other faiths as well.

I’ve given a lot of thought to  the place of blogging, writing, and research in my present day life. I’ve always loved to do these things, compared with most everything else in my life. I’ve wondered how these pure enjoyments could be as blessed as other pursuits that are more “practical”.

I’ve often thought that the only book I would want to write would be about my life, because I honestly think there are enough books. I guess that might be an outrageous thought to many people.

Besides, and maybe, because, I can’t get my mind around writing and publishing a book. The thought of doing this overwhelms me even though I have several “how to” books about doing just that.

When I think that many humble farm wives have published their family stories, I am astonished.

Maybe it’s not for me to do, if I can’t even comprehend doing it. But I love that I am learning to blog and that it’s stretching me and requiring some struggle. I love that people from all over the world are beginning to read my blog.

But then there is the “obsessive-compulsive” angle. Yep, that’s me! Diagnosed, and medicated for a mild case. I can see it setting in as I sit up night after night perfecting my grammar and punctuation.

That’s why I’ve been so pleased to discover several blog sites for “believers” who blog.

The idea of “Christians who blog  being pioneers”, came from the following blog site.


The second blog site encourages Christians who struggle with priorities, to put writing, blogs, our entire lives  in our Creator’s hands. At the end of the post, there is a most awesome ‘Prayer for the Blogger’!  I hope you enjoy these sites as much as I do!


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