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Facebook, Twitter Organizing Revolution in Egypt

The so called, “Arab Revolution” spreading across North Africa is unique in our lifetime. The outcome of this struggle for democracy by the Arab people within their own countries will be very significant for our own future. Most of the information coming out right now is through Twitter and Facebook.

Watch video here:

Demos in Egypt

Hundreds of thousands of Egyptians take to the streets all over Egypt, protesting the oppressive regime and its tyranny. People demonstrated with the utmost civility, shops were still open, and no looting or violence was reported!  Demonstrators clearly stated their political demands: freedom of expression, free elections and rule of law.  There are reports of police officers joining demonstrators.  The protests were organized using facebook and twitter but internet access is being disrupted there so their twitter accounts are blocked. Electricity is cut off and mobile networks are disabled. According to tweets coming in protesters did evening prayers on the streets in front of the police. For more pictures

20,000 guards are guarding the presidential palace of Hosni Mubarak. Will this be the next Tunisia? Please keep our brother and sisters in your duas. Their optimism may be short lived as reports come in of a brutal police crackdown-

Horror as riot police, and perhaps the military, have begun to brutally crack down. So far, the only reports from the protest are on Twitter; they are preliminary, unvetted, and may turn out to paint an incomplete picture. But they portray a sudden and violent response from police, as well as possibly the massive Egyptian military, which is paid for in part by over a billion dollars in annual U.S. military aid. (The Atlantic)

Update from Guardian:

Police have responded with batons, water cannons and tear gas in a bid to quell the crowd. The demonstration, said to be inspired by the uprising in Tunisia, began peacefully before clashes occurred.

As night falls in Egypt protests have also broken out in the Mediterranean port city of Alexandria. Roads are also being blocked by demonstrators in the Sinai Peninsula, and large rallies are being reported across the Nile Delta and the Suez Canal region.

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has said Mubarak’s government is stable despite the demonstrations. Mubarak is an important US partner in the Middle East.

Update II

Update III:


Mother and Sisters of Egypt asking where is the media? 

Photo courtesy Lauren Bohn

This is being called Egypt’s Tiananmen Square moment

Late night protesters in downtown Cairo- reports of restaurants supplying food and resident sending blankets

Update IV
Teargassing the protesters in the middle of the night- whole Tahrir Square is a cloud of smoke.  More than 50 cannons fired. Thousands are fleeing towards bridges.

Watch live video from cairowitness on Justin.tv

Update V: Atleast three people have died in these protests, a policeman and two protesters. The fascinating aspect in this has been the use of technology in world changing events. Despite the efforts to remove all means of communication and dismal local media coverage , protesters managed to get their message out to the world using twitter.   As the crowd grew, a police officer, who might in the past have responded with his baton, instead took out a camera and snapped a photo. Whatever was happening, he wanted to record it rather than to stop it.” . In the age of the internet the will of the people was apparent to all who were surfing. This was the facebook page where the protests were organized under the banner Youm as Thawra, ironically  Hosni Mubarak made January 25th a national holiday as Police day just last year. So far its seems like this movement has no leader, it is a culmination of youth inspired by Tunisia and activists’ 6 year momentum against the regime. Tweets included tips on lessening effects of teargas with Vaseline and onions and pictorial chronology of the event by observers. Latest tweets report live ammunition is being used on the protesters.  Tonight, we will watch President Obama’s State of Union address and  see if he will lend his support to these young people who are rising against their leaders.

as Ben Wedeman of CNN tweets

Things to watch tmrw: 1.More protests. 2.Cairo Stock Market 3.How official media twists today’s event. 4. Will Mubarak say something?

As the crowd grew, a police officer, who might in the past have responded with his baton, instead took out a camera and snapped a photo. Whatever was happening, he wanted to record it rather than to stop it.”
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