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Pastor Terry Jones is Missing the Real Point

Quran, Mus'haf_Al_Tajweed.

The Qur'an

Pastor Terry Jones has no idea that his proposed Qur’an burning this Saturday is  similar to the “Piss Christ” art series that infuriated Christians a few years ago.

He probably thinks that his congregation’s burning the Qur’an is equal to Muslim’s burning our Holy Bible. It’s not.

For Muslims, the Qur’an is the Word of God in the form of a Book, directly revealed  from God, in the same way that Christian’s believe Jesus is God’s Word miraculously revealed as a human being.

Even the Taliban, as far as I know, has never stooped to the level of denigrating Jesus Christ because they honor him as a prophet at least. The Muslim world will certainly see Pastor Jones as the Infidel he appears to be.

Certainly, he is an ignorant man, ignorant of the full counsel of God’s Scripture which instructs us to love our neighbors as ourselves, and praying for and doing good to those whom we see as “enemies”.

He says he’s waiting to “hear” from God. Those are hollow words, and Christians who live the life daily know this.

Reading God’s revealed Word, The Bible, helps Christians know His guidance, and His counsel doesn’t contradict the Scriptures.

Sadly, Pastor Jones is leading his congregation down the “Jim Jones” road where guidance depends on one man’s subjective hearing, and this is a dangerous road.

6 Responses

  1. P.S. Is it really Eid already?

    • Yep! Already in Asia and Middle East, and tonight/tomorrow here in the West! Eid Mubarak!

  2. Nice response from the person above me. It is indeed useful to help make people aware of these parallels. I was going to comment about the end of your post. One of the structural weaknesses of the Pentecostal movement (which which I still identify) is the difficulty individual pastors — especially of independent churches — can have distinguishing their own emotions and ideas from “the voice of God,” and the difficulty of dissuading them from their ideas and plans once they’ve become convinced God has blessed and ordered them. In fact, 1 Corinthians 14 (a passage much loved by Pentecostals) says that the words of prophets must be assessed by elders who have wisdom, suggesting that discerning the leading of God must be a collective process and not just an individual one. But for some reason this can become very difficult on the individual level, especially when a pastor is king in his own congregation while failing to put himself into mutual submission or ministerial relationship with his peers. I’ve seen this before, and with destructive results (despite positive fruits otherwise). But never before have I seen someone being willing to risk the health and security of his entire nation — and of the entire international Christian community around the world — despite nearly EVERYone (including many Pentecostal leaders) trying to convince him that what he is planning is not wise. This is a seriously self-convinced man. Problem is, . . . true prophets often look exactly the same relative to their peers as Terry Jones does. Irony… (P.S. Hope I got that “Pentecostal” part right)

    • Thanks, Ed. The pastor seems to be milking this for all it’s worth. Any of us can take a lesson from this, lest we fall into a similar self deception, can’t we?

  3. This is a different viewpoint out of the many. I would be interested in reading more about the way Muslims view the Qur’an. It is really interesting and not something I or many other Americans probably have heard much about.

    • Thank you. This was very helpful to me in understanding Islam. Another comparison is that the Word (Christ) was brought forth through the Virgin Mary and we could then liken the Prophet Mohammed to the Virgin in the sense that the Word (Al Qur’an) came forth through him. I have not heard Muslims make this clear comparison, only believers who are teaching about Islam and the emphasis within.
      Many non-Muslims might compare Mohammed with Jesus (both Prophets) but the reality is completely different. As I understand it, the Qur’an is really more highly venerated, but it seems these days the teachings in the mosques may elevate Mohammed and even the Hadiths to the same level. I don’t know for sure. That would be a good question to ask a Muslim friend. You might enjoy the writings of Nabeel Jabbour, who taught me these concepts.

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