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Delaware bay boat traffic from Cape Henlopen S...

Cape Henlopen, Delaware Bay


I am so thankful for a day to be alive and not rushed. To be accepted and not ashamed.


Wondering if I will actually like it, if it will fit in our Grand Caravan, if it will rain tomorrow, and if there will be soldiers at Fort Drum to lift it in. Oh, and will I get it home safely? Thankfully, one of our housemates will go with me to fetch it.


I thought a lot about Palestine today. I am soooo thankful for the peace talks coming up September 2, it helps me appreciate, even ‘like’ Hillary Clinton! They’re scheduled for one year.

I wonder whether I will have the ability to write an intelligent article for a local paper, pointing out facts which conflict with a very long article that appeared in it.

I want very much to write this article, I just have some self-doubt about my ability to express myself well enough.

Being motivated to get the truth out may help me overcome my hesitancy.


I wondered if people lie and exaggerate purposely to get their points across in politics or do they seriously believe the stuff they say?


I pray almost every day for the man who took our $180 in cash for a Futon, and then disappeared. I pray he will have a guilty conscience and return it. I have never been “caught” like this before, and have a strange compassion for him.

His business went belly up, and he hit a deer with his car, but I’m praying we get a check in the mail someday!


Our dear elderly friend has heart damage from a heart attack, which she didn’t even know she had.

She’s in ICU as I write. She’s in deep grief over a brother’s death, and now family feuding.


Husband has signed the contract and visited the cottage on the Delaware Bay. The beach looks great, and it’s HOT down there, while it’s windy and coldish here! I really can hardly wait!

Did a bit of sorting in the kitchen today, deciding what more to give or take with us.


I love writing and all things newsy.

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