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Hey, White People, Get This!


Image by Okinawa Soba via Flickr

Friday, August 6th, was the 45th anniversary of the Voting Rights Act!

The legacy of the fight for that law is that it is not only our right to vote, and to help others do so—it is our duty.

Imagine, after that law passed, Blacks still were not allowed to vote in many areas of our country. Shame on us!

What is the greatest shame to me as a white skinned follower of Christ, an American Christian, is that people like me, who read their Bibles and sincerely meant well, denied the intelligence and capability of black skinned people to follow the law and vote.

I am not persuaded that they did this out of ignorance alone, but out of deception. I believe they accepted the horrible lie that was perpetrated upon them by whomever would profit from slavery‘s benefits to business.

Were our ancestors so selfish that their consciences’ were hardened? We read about them “breeding” their slave girls to others on the plantations, as if they were animals. That’s a far step to allowing slaves and their descendents to make decisions about our country’s future.

Half of my heritage is from the deep south though I do not know it well. I wonder if I would have felt so differently had I grown up there sixty years ago?

I do know that I feel personally responsible for much of the quagmire that Black America is stuck in and I can not understand why other White people don’t get it.

I’m not anybody’s doormat, but I’m doing what I can to make sure I don’t blame Black people for the issues that my forefather’s have caused. Racism is a HUGE issue right now. We are taught to listen, listen, listen to other cultures and opinions.

I absolutely can’t bear hearing whites who say, ‘racism is over’..why don’t they just open their ears and listen?

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