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Chelsea Clinton’s Mother-in-Law: A Woman Who Inspired Me

Marjorie Margolies-Mezvinsky

Image via Wikipedia

Out of curiosity, I looked up Marc Mezvinsky, the young fellow whom Chelsea Clinton will marry on July 31. It turned out that his mother’s name is Marjorie Margolies-Mezvinsky which rang a bell with me, harkening all the way back to my time living in Philadelphia in the 70’s.

Sure enough, I had read her book, The Came to Stay, which she wrote about adopting two little girls, one from Korea and another from Vietnam. At the time, Marjorie was unmarried, and working as a news correspondent for a tv network. That she was unmarried and adopting was a huge deal back then, and she wrote from her heart about this difficulty as well as those of adopting cross culturally.

Her reporting on the plight of war orphans in Southeast Asia, both those of full Vietnamese parentage as well as biracial children left behind by American soldiers was the first of its kind and opened up a world of understanding for people of our generation.

I’ll always be thankful to her for helping to raise my awareness. Her story also motivated me to adopt our son from Indonesia years later.

I didn’t know that not long after she adopted her daughters she did a story on Edward Mezvinsky,  a congressman from Iowa whom she married and with whom she went on to raise a large blended family. Marc, the future son-in-law of Hilary and Bill, is one of those children.

Her, now ex husband, left Congress and they settled in Montgomery County, an area outside Philadelphia called the “Main Line.”

Marjorie’s name came up in my reading from time to time as I learned that she had entered Congress in 1992.  Her career in Washington was short-lived, however because she cast the deciding vote that passed Bill Clinton’s unpopular budget, and her constituents never forgave her.

Personal family troubles involving bad business decisions, personal bankruptcy, and criminal charges lodged against her husband for investment fraud have plagued her in recent years.

All this to say, Chelsea’s Mother-in-Law was a courageous woman in her day who made a strong impression on people like me. She made it her personal “mission” to educate America about looking beyond our borders to adopt kids who were without anyone to love them! She put her beliefs into practice.

I’m sorry that her life hasn’t turned out the way she might have hoped.

One thing I wish for Chelsea:  that her fiancée’, Marc, will have the moral conviction, faithfulness and integrity of Marjorie Margolies from the 70’s. In fact,  I hope they will both have what is needed to stand up to all the corruption of public life.

2 Responses

  1. Ibu Mary, your writings really enrich me and give me looking at from different point of view.

    • Thanks, Norma. I value your perspective as a well educated woman from a different culture.

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