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I Know All About You! Pro Abortion! Arrogant!

“I know all about you!!

You don’t care about anyone other than yourself!

You care more about dogs than you do about human beings!

Pro Abortion, Arrogant, if you had hit me, I would own you!”

Seeing a couple students stranded beside the road with a smoking engine, I had doubled back to give them a dog leash so they could get their dog out of the back seat.

Forgetting about the four way stop, I drove slowly along with my eyes on their car to see if they needed help.

Yep! I ran the stop sign.

I didn’t realize my mistake until the very large pick-up truck beeped its horn behind me as I pulled over to offer the leash to the kids in the smoking car.

I looked around, still not seeing the sign, but realizing I must have missed a four way stop. Whoops!

The guy in the truck pulled even with me, Broiling with anger.

I made a sign to let him know I was sorry.  He was fuming!

“Please forgive me”, I put my hands together, in a type of prayer sign. NO! He was shaking his head!! Was there steam escaping from that head of his?

Ah ha! a bit of a challenge! In my many years of life, I have seldom found a furiously angry person that will not be calmed in a gentle, calm, listening presence.  Couldn’t pass this one up.

He drove ahead to a driveway, pulled in and waited! Yay! I love this! And I am not up for a fight! I stoop to conquer!

I drove in behind him.

He got out of his car, I rolled my window down, “I’m truly, sorry”, he stomped over to my window, and refused my apology.

“You run a stop sign, I almost get killed, then you apologize and ask me to forgive you”?  “I know all about you Ithaca people.”

Though I was noting the points of which he was incorrect, I did not correct him..I am quite good at negotiating peace!

I did run the stop sign completely distracted by my “good deed”. I am not legally From Ithaca.

I asked him if he would like to hear what happened? He sort of said yes, I told him I was distracted, again very sorry, I was on my way to help the kids in the car with their dog.

This is when the previous conversation occurred!

“I know all about you!!

You don’t care about anyone other than yourself!

You care more about dogs than you do about human beings!

Pro Abortion, Arrogant, if you had hit me, I would own you!”

I’ve heard many people say the words that I said next, so I said them just for fun really. “You don’t know anything about me”.

He headed back to his truck, and I said, “Wait, I’d really like to talk some more.”

I hadn’t wanted to end the conversation on a note of logic! I wanted him to have the last exciting word!

“I’m late for a meeting!!”

He headed into the parking lot that said, “No Cars beyond this point without official plates”.

I could see myself being arrested for that!!

Oh well, at least he didn’t have a heart attack.

I learned that my heart isn’t very humble and I truly am sorry for scaring him.

One Response

  1. It is sad and fascinating to see what comes out of people’s mouths (and hearts) under perceived pressure and stress.

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