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Brokenhearted and wondering

Interior of the house of a Palestinian Christi...

The Interior of a Palestinian Christian Family ca 1850

I walked through Wegmans supermarket with a broken heart today. I felt happy in so many ways because I was shopping for a wonderful weekend with our kids and grandkids in DC. Easter was coming, and with it, the warmer weather and more sunshine which really makes a difference to me.

But, my thoughts returned to Palestine and the lives that had touched mine just over a week ago, and I felt sad. What would the Palestinian Christians‘ Easter be like in their 62 year of occupation?

I’m really struggling through using the right words in portraying the Israeli/Palestinian situation, wanting to be part of the solution and not add to the problem of injustice that has already harmed so many lives. My purpose in going to Bethlehem, in attending the conference was two-fold: To bear witness to the Palestinian Arab Believers circumstance and to bring word back to the Evangelical Church in the USA; and to learn ways of advocating for Peace and Justice and reconciliation in the Name of Christ.

I learned so much, and verified virtually all of the stories I had learned last summer from my Muslim friends. None were exaggerated. I purchased books by Elias Chacor, Brother Andrew and poured over them, listened attentively to the personal stories and lectures at our conference: Christ at the CheckPoint, and observed constantly.

I’ve come to the conclusion that it is essential that we speak loudly and clearly declaring that what is being done by Israel in the name of “Security” is unjust and wrong. While Israel deserves a safe and secure homeland, to take homes and land from an entire people group (The Palestinian Christians and Muslims) to make this homeland is simply wrong.

Israel was given land in 1948, took people’s homes by force, and continues to do so until this day. Israel needs to heal from her wounds, but instead, continues wounding others just like an abused person abuses the next generation.

Healing is needed, but accountability is necessary also. The trauma that has been perpetrated upon the Palestinian people will now take generations to heal. I pray that this cycle will be broken and abuse will give way to forgiveness, but how, when?

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